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My heart begins to race with every step I take across the green fields; my breath gets louder and louder.  I turn behind to see only the tall, green grass covering the area, Im not safe. Within the moment Im able to catch my labored breath and instantly begin to sprint away. I examine my surroundings, hoping to find a safe spot; I turn to the nearby forest and veer in that direction. Its quite and calm in the woods. The oak trees are high; I could climb them to lose my chaser; or camouflage myself with my dark brown clothing, he wouldnt be able to see me. Then I could rest as he tries to find me. But that would only work on an amateur, hes a professional; I have to think. My skin and dirty-blonde hair would give me away, Id have to get deeper in the forest, but Im too tired. Climbing a tree is also no uses; Im more exhausted now than I was a moment ago. Suddenly I begin to hear footsteps. Hes close.


His footsteps began to proceed closer; he wasnt trying to hide the sound. The chase only becomes more suspenseful as I sprint through the fields, pulling the tall grass out of my direction. I have no choice but to take sanctuary inside the forest. Quickly, I dash to a large, oak tree, as well as search my surroundings for any sign of my chaser. The tree looks new; the branches seem strong; climbing seems like my best bet. I grab the lowered branch, doing this causes a few dead leaves to fall on me, but as this happens a hear laughter. Hes been watching the whole time. I turn to see a berry bush near the tree I was once climbing. I grab my battle axe from my belt and step closer to investigate. I pull the green leaves to discover my chaser eating berries.

Seriously? I stare down at Erin with shame in my eyes

Well what did you expect? You were goanna take forever with all that climbing the tree. But otherwise you did well. Erin stands in front of me with a proud face. I start to chuckle looking at the berry jam on his noise and checks.

Oh really Berry Boy? You know you have some berry jam on you, right?

What? Really? Where? He barely misses the jam upon his face. Youd better help out or Ill call you princess again. I know how much you hate that, princess.

Oh no, you dont want to train properly; well then your goanna pay for it. Come on lets ride back to the castle. Race ya! Oh and dont use the term princess please. Its really aggravating.

But it suits you since youre a--. Wait Nicole. Nicole! Get this jam off of me!

I come close to the horses where left at a wooden stand and jump onto the brown horse; leaving Erin with the white horse, and begin to ride. But even with the horses loud gallops I can here Erin screaming my name.



Erin and I arrive at the castle waiting for the guards from above to lift the gate. We stroll in with men coming towards us ready to take the horses.

I may have goofed with you a little--.

A little? I interrupt.

Yes. As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. Erin takes a moment to get his words straight. You did exceedingly well. You were very strong, resourceful, and durable. Youve really gotten better, Im proud. Erin shows me a friendly smile making me feel the warmth and care hes given over the years. Princess. And yet he always manages to ruin the mood.

When I was fifteen I started by official training, but when I was fourteen Erin only taught me a few secret tricks. He was just a guard back then, and I was just a young princess trying to fit in with the rest of my family. I would get to see many of Erins skills. I told Erin that I was interested in his job. But being fourteen I was because I had somewhat of a crush on Erin, once. My father, found out about my secret training and finally after a year I began my training. Ive been doing the official training for three years now. My dream finally becoming reality.

Thank you. I reply.

No problem, now Ive got to go before this becomes more awkward. Erin turns to his side with his cheeks turning a rosy pink. Bye. He dashes off.


I feel myself about to fall, someone pushing me forward. Such a strong force, I know who it is.

Ramona? I say.

Hey Nicole. Glad to see youre back, I missed my little sister. You cant go running off with your boyfriend whenever you want and not tell me.

Hes. Not. My. Boyfriend. Stop saying that, I will literally never tell you anything again. I take a breath to claim down a little to be happy that Im home after the full day of training.

Ramona walks me inside the castle all until my quarters.

I wanted to show you something in the library, but you should probably bathe then dress more appropriate, you know how mother gets.

Yeah, yeah I know. Ill be out in a second.


Ramona and I stroll through the library full of fascinating and remarkable tales. My sister has read every book and exert in here, while I have only read three, at least. Ive never been interested in reading, though I do get lectures from my mother and Ramona.

Reading makes you more intelligent. They say.


You see while you were out with Erin, I was walking through the library. Father came in with the librarian and gave me the most wonderful novel to read. It was so fascinating, so marvelous. So. She turns to me. Good. Sorry I got carried away.

No, its fine, I just dont understand. I cant finish a book in a week, but you finished one in a morning?

You know I love to read, I read so much I do it very quickly. Anyway while I was reading it I thought maybe you should read it to. The author is so brilliant, and I know you enjoy historical fiction.

She gives me a smile that I cant resist, my only weakness, my sister.

Alright with that smile. Sell me on the book, whats it about.

Ramona grabs my hand and darts to the nearest table; she places the book down and opens it.

The story is about five kingdoms living in unison, until a pair of magical twins--.

Magic, really? Im not a fan of magic. I cross my arms and sit back in the wooden chair place near Ramonas.

No, no please its really good trust me. Or at least let me ramble on about the story, I let you ramble about your training stories.

Because you asked. Sigh. I guess I have no choice.

Thank you. So the story starts of telling the reader about the five kingdoms, they are made of three kinds of kingdoms. The Ordinary, The Unique, and a mix. The kingdom, Wailion, in the mixed kingdom.

Wait isnt like the royal family coming for the knight ceremony? Thats a real kingdom. Ok Ramona is this some fantasy so historical fiction?

This is historical fiction, I think. Oh, wait. Nicole, what time is it?

I dont know, why?

Mothers goanna kill me; hurry we need to find mother and father. Were so late.

Wait Ramona--.

No time, come now.

Ramona jumps out of her chair and grips my hand tightly. She begins to sprint out of the library, with me attached. We zoom straight into the throne room where mother and father are talking with the royal messenger.

Are you sure theyre not in the dining hall looking for us. She turns to us. Ramona, where have you two girls been? I told you were having guest; do you not remember?

I do, but I got carried away with a book, again.

And you Nicole, well I guess you didnt know about the guest, but it is because of you theyre coming.

Me? I question in utter confusion.

Father and mother come down the steps of the throne.

What your mother is saying is were having guest for the knight ceremony. They wanted to come earlier than we thought though. And while the ceremony isnt until next week, it would be nice to meet them. Father looks at me with a proud smile making me smile back.

The knight ceremony is all I think about now, the moment Im no longer just a trainee, but an official knight serving under my familys rein. And now that Ive come of age I can finally become one. Being a princess though, many people thought I would be weak, and pathetic. Ive proven them wrong; the head guards have told me themselves. I know I deserve the job now.

But father we did meet the rulers, when we were younger. Ramona says.

Yes the rulers, but they are not coming; their children are coming though.
Prince Daniel and Princess Madeline. I know youve both heard of them. Father says.

I heard much of Prince Daniel, but not Princess Madeline. Ramona quickly blurts out, always first to answer luckily. Only rumors, shes said to be very reclusive.

Yes, and that is why we want her, well both of them, to feel welcomed. Mother always wants us to show a perfect example, but I never fit that role. Ramona does though; shes a star pupil, a spitting image of my mother. 


As we talk more on the subject a guard comes and whispers something to the messenger.

Your highnesses, the guests have arrived.


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Aaron's Old Friend?

You Should (Never) Be Alone | MyStreet: Emerald Secret [Ep.14] | Minecraft Roleplay…

I'm so ready!!!!
I Will Always Hate You
I Will Always Love You | MyStreet: Emerald Secret [Ep.13] | Minecraft Roleplay -…
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But did anyone remember in Love Love Paradise that it was Aph, her mom, and Aaron. Aph's mom was talking about Aphmau getting a boyfriend. She also mentioned a certain person that she impartially liked, and Aphmau did too. Aaron then claimed that the guy never cared for Aphmau back then. They never named the character, but it's obviously Ein (Even though I greatly support Einmau) I think it was edited out because I found that same episode and the clip was magically gone. I tried finding the clip as soon as Ein and Kia were introduced into PDH. So it a smart move on the Sea bunny team to take that out for a plot twist. So yeah I thought that'd be cool to mention. If you read this long then congrats, you have won knowledge and more material for your Aphmau fan fictions. Enjoy.
Why Can't We Be Friends?!
Unfaithful Knights - Me - (Characters in order left to right) Ramona, Erin, Nicole, Daniel, and Madeline.
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